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Chief Peguis Investments Corp. reply to the Peguis Chief and Council Community Update of Jan. 4, 2022

On January 4, 2023, the Chief Peguis Investment Corporation (CPIC) Board of Directors were made aware of a Peguis First Nation (PFN) publication titled ”Re: Community Update” that included several inaccurate and disingenuous statements made by Peguis First Nation Chief Glenn Hudson and Council regarding the nature and performance of CPIC operations, the BFI Loan agreements, and the terms of reference for

the Deloitte Restructuring Inc. Inspectorship outlined in the Minutes of Settlement and Consent Order that resulted from an action commenced by PFN against CPIC, in the Manitoba Court of Queen’s (Kings) Bench, Winnipeg Centre, under File No. CI 22-01- 36297

CPIC has notified our legal counsel to review the defamatory statements made in this community update and we have reached out to both Deloitte and PWC to determine if the statements attributed to them in the update, were in fact made by them. At this time the source of these statements of conjecture which attributed to Deloitte and PWC representatives have not been confirmed. CPIC has been fully cooperating with the Deloitte Restructuring Inc. team in the ongoing Inspectorship exercise and we can confirm that the Inspectorship review and resulting report has yet to be completed.

Upon completion of our due diligence process with Deloitte, PWC, and our Legal Counsel regarding the statements made in the aforementioned community update, CPIC will be issuing a comprehensive fact-based response that will identify and correct all inaccuracies contained in the Peguis First Nation “Re: Community Update” released on January. 4th, 2023.

The CPIC Board of Directors are extremely disappointed that Peguis First Nation Chief and Council have continued to publish material riddled with misinformation, deception, and a total lack of leadership and accountability for their own decisions and action.

CPIC will not tolerate any harassment or defamatory statements made toward CPIC Board of Directors and staff. CPIC Board of Directors will be publicly releasing our response for the benefit of Peguis First Nation members in the following days. This communique has been approved unanimously by the CPIC Board of Directors.

About Us

Chief Peguis Investment Corporation is mandated by Peguis First Nation to pursue investments that will truly benefit the community by providing investment income, capacity building, employment opportunities, both on and off reserve, and community involvement.


Our Mission

Our mission is, through key strategic investments, to become a self-sustainable economic development entity that will provide returns and benefits to the membership of Peguis First Nation.

5 Key Investment Areas

Our focus is on five key investment areas; retail, wholesale, residential, commercial, & philanthropic.