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About Us

Formed in June of 2012, Chief Peguis Investment Corporations efforts have an important and sustainable impact on a wide range of community development and enrichment opportunities, reaching real estate, wholesale, retail, hospitality and business holdings to create job opportunities, generate capital, build capacity and undertake philanthropic initiatives.

Chief Peguis Investment Corporation will work with current Peguis entities such as Peguis Trusts, Lands, Peguis Development Corporation (PDC), Gaming, and others to further pursue other opportunities. Chief Peguis Investment Corporations intent is to create a rate of return that will benefit the Peguis First Nation and its members by creating jobs, generating capital, building capacity and undertaking philanthropic initiatives.

Investment opportunities are what the trustees believe will ensure that Peguis First Nation thrives and becomes self- sustaining. The Trustees look forward to growing Chief Peguis Investment Corporation to ensure that Peguis will have financial independence and a strengthened foundation to become a sovereign Nation for generations to come.